David Andow

Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Ph.D. Cornell University
Insect population ecology; biological control; ecology of invading species; insect-plant interactions; sustainable agriculture. 

Brian Aukema

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin.
Forest Entomology 

Dan Cariveau

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Colorado State University
Community and Landscape Ecology of Native Bees, Restoration Ecology

Fallon Thumbnail

Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Ph.D. Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.
Insect reproduction; fat body metabolism; hormonal control of gene expression; genetics of insect cells in culture; gene amplification; DNA mediated gene transfer; identification of regulatory sequences in insect genes; mechanisms of insecticide resistance.


Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
Aquatic Entomology


Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Ph.D. U of California, Davis.
Biological Control, Natural Enemy Ecology


Ph.D. Clemson University, 1985
Systematics and biogeography of neotropical Trichoptera; aquatic entomology; biodiversity; biogeography; museum administration and management

Bill Hutchison

Professor and Extension Entomologist
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1984.
Insect population dynamics; area-wide IPM and IRM for genetically engineered crops; landscape design for IPM, invasive species, cost-effective sampling programs. 

Stephen Kells

Ph.D. Purdue University, 1998.
Urban and Stored Product Entomology

Bob Koch

Associate Professor, Extension Entomologist, and Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Integrated pest management; applied ecology

Vera Krischik

Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Maryland
Plant-insect interaction; plant response to insect, pathogen, and abiotic stresses; extension insect pest management in residential environments; landscape and structural entomology

Tim Kurtti

Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Insect microbiology; physiology of insect-microbial interactions; physiology, metabolism and genetics of insect cells and pathogens in culture

Amelia Lindsey

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of California
Insect functional genomics, host-microbe interactions and symbiosis, parasitoids, evolution


Professor and Extension Entomologist
Ph.D. Oregon State U.
Integrated Pest Management, Small Grains, Biological Control, GIS

Karen Mesce photo

Ada Comstock Distinguished Women Scholar
Ph.D. University of Oregon
Insect neurobiology and behavior; hormonal control of neural development during metamorphosis; characterization of neural circuitry by electrophysiological and anatomical studies. Mesce Lab

Uli Munderloh

DVM, Ph.D. Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany.
Cellular and molecular relationship between tick-borne pathogens and their vectors, and mammalian hosts; medical and entomological aspects of vector-borne pathogens

Ken Ostlie

Professor and Extension Entomologist
Ph.D. Iowa State University
Integrated pest management in corn and soybeans, Transgenic Plants

Matt Petersen

Teaching Assistant Professor
Ph.D Iowa State University

Sujaya Rao

Professor and Department Head

Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 1991, Entomology

IPM and Pollination Entomologist

Marla Spivak

MacArthur Fellow (2010)
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Ph.D. University of Kansas

Apiculture: behavior, ecology, genetics and breeding of honey bees; native bees and social insects

Additional Graduate Faculty

Matt Aliota

Assistant Professor

Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Mark Asplen

Assistant Professor, Applied Ecology

Evolutionary and behavioral ecology of insects focusing on applications to invasion biology and biological control

Dept. of Natural Sciences Metropolitan State University
Elizabeth Borer

Associate Professor

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

Karen Oberhauser

Professor and Director of the Univ. of Wisconsin Arboretum

Susan Palchick

Susan Palchick

Adjunct Associate Professor

Hennepin County Community Health 
1011 First St. S. Ste #215
Hopkins, MN 55343  

Phone: (952) 351-5205 

Declan Schroeder

Associate Professor

Veterinary Population Medicine

Emilie Snell-Rood

Assistant Professor

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

Robin Thomson


Ph.D., University of Minnesota 2014

Rob Venette

Adjunct Associate Professor
Director, Minn. Invasive Terrestrial Plant & Pest Center 
Research Biologist
USDA-Forest Service

Marlene Zuk


Ecology, Evolution and Behavior