Recent Happenings

Ferrington [3/25/18] Prof. Len Ferrington and his students are researching diet and climate change as factors in trout growth rates in the Driftless Area of Southeastern MN. Read more about it in the Star Tribune

Ward [3/28/18] Sam Ward wins the 2018
Western Forest Insect Work Conference Memorial Scholarship, which recognizes the top graduate
student in the field of forest entomology in western North America.

Congratulations Sam!

Frenatae Outreach

Kid with Magnifying Glass

Please visit the Frenatae website to learn more about our graduate student organization and their public education offerings.

Insect Pest Identification

     What's common now

Flour Beetle

Stored food insects

Western conifer seed bugs

Pavement ants

Other insects

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Bed Bug Information

bed bugs

Visit the Let's Beat the Bug website for more information on preventing, controlling, and treating bed bug problems.

Driven to Discover

Driven to Discover

Fly Control for Horses

The 2018 Entomology Graduate Fellowship are Now Available!

Sujaya, Department Head, Bill Hutchison, Awards Committee Chair, and Tim Kurtti have streamlined the application/recommendation process this year so please review the Fellowship Announcement Document before you begin your application or recommendation - Thank you and Good Luck!