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Aysha L. Prather

Visiting Affiliate Scientist
Department of Zoology
University of Oklahoma


B.A. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley, 1992

M.S. Entomology, Clemson University, 1998

Ph.D. Entomology, University of Minnesota, 2002

In studying caddisfly taxonomy, I have the opportunity to explore an amazing biodiversity, especially in tropical regions, and to contribute to the cataloging and description of that diversity. I am constantly intrigued by the puzzle solving of recovering patterns underlying that diversity and identifying the evolutionary innovations that have led to it. My dissertation research was a study of the caddisfly family Calamoceratidae, with special emphasis on the Neotropical genera Banyallarga and Phylloicus. My current project is a phylogenetic study of the family Odontoceridae, including a taxonomic study of the tropical genus Marilia.



Rhyacophila of Eastern North America
Higher Level Phylogeny of Trichoptera
Phylogeny of Leptoceroidea




Trichoptera of Southeastern Brazil
Trichoptera of Venezuela

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