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Aukema Rosenberger Mtn Pine Beetle[6/25/2015] In the newest issue of CFANS Solutions, Derek Rosenberger and Brian Aukema discuss the research they're conducting in the hopes of slowing the mountain pine beetle's advance eastward across the US. Read the full article.

Roger Moon[6/24/2015] If you're part of the equestrian world, you may have heard of the radio show Horses in the Morning. This week, Roger Moon was a featured guest, answering cracking jokes and questions about the different types of insects that may be pestering horses, and what to do about them. You can hear the interview by going to the Horses in the Morning website. Click on 6-24-15 episode. Roger is on the air starting 18:20 minutes into the show. 

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Visit the Let's Beat the Bug website for more information on preventing, controlling, and treating bed bug problems.

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