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UMN researchers backing drones usage, surveying farmlands with technology

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[10/29/14] University of Minnesota researchers are using drones to survey the agricultural landscape in more than a dozen counties. In an interview for the Star Tribune, Ian MacRae urged the FAA to establish regulations regarding the commercial use of drones in national airspace quickly, so the U.S. doesn't fall behind in drone research and technology. "We're probably second to none in the development, but where we're hurting is the application," he said. "It's important we get them incorporated in the national airspace safely." Read the full article

Assistant Professor in Pollinator Ecology

[10/22/2014] The College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences and the Departments of Entomology and Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior are hiring an Assistant Professor in Pollinator Ecology. Please share this job posting with your networks.

if you have trouble with this link please visit the U of MN HR Website and search Requisition number 194884

EPA Comments on Soybean Insecticide

[10/20/14] According to EPA estimates, farmers use soybean seeds treated with neonicotinoid pesticides on about a third of the acres planted. University of Minnesota researcher ​Dr. ​Bob Koch said he has seen estimates as high as 60 to 75 percent. In most situations, treated soybean seeds have no benefit, EPA officials say. Koch agrees. Given the EPA's conclusion, he said there is no need for widespread use of neonicotinoid-treated soybean seeds. Read the full article.

Special Seminar - Dr. Cole Gilbert, Cornell University

[10/10/14] Please join us next Thursday, October 16th, for the 2nd Annual Richards Hodson Lectureship. Light refreshments will be served prior to the 1pm seminar. Hope to see you at the St. Paul Student Center Theater next week!

ENTO 2014 RH Lecture 2

Dean’s Award for Distinguished Team

[10/9/14] Congratulations to Bob Koch, Ian MacRae, and Ken Ostlie, who are members of the Institute for Agricultural Professionals (IAP) that received the Dean's Award for Distinguished Team at the recent extension conference. Keep up the good work! IAP is a trusted establishment in the Minnesota agriculture industry. It employs multiple delivery systems to educate agricultural professionals via seminars, workshops, and non-credit courses.

The IAP reaches its audience through an annual Field School delivered at the University’s Research and Outreach Centers, Research Updates offered at locations throughout Minnesota, and a Crop Pest Management course that is part of a trade show each December in Minneapolis. All of these programs offer certification credits, which are mandated by most crop-consulting organizations. In addition, the team develops and delivers needs-based worships for “response” issues such as aphids, drought, hail, and diseases.

Chris Philips introduced in Grand Rapids

Ento Chris Philips 3[10/6/14] Dr. Chris Philips, the most recent addition to the Entomology Faculty, made the front page of the Grand Rapids Review, with a story titled 'Its okay to bug this guy." It sounds like he's already made a name for himself as the wise-cracking entomologist, joking with the reporter that fly larvae on raspberries makes them “protein-fortified raspberries!" A big reason Philips is here is to investigate the effects of the Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD). Those of us down on the St. Paul campus are happy to know that Chris has been formally introduced as the resident 'bug guy' for the Grand Rapids area! Read the Full Article

Decisions to Plant Bt Corn?

[10/3/14] The first thing to consider when selecting a corn hybrid is yield potential. Bt traits only provide a yield benefit when targeted insects are above economic levels, according to a report from University of Minnesota Extension integrated pest management specialist Bruce Potter, and Ken Ostlie, Professor of Entomology and Extension entomologist. Read the full article.

The Story behind the Story: Marla's Bees

ENTO Marla[10/2/14] This past Sunday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published their 4th in a series that focuses on the current challenges facing bees, pollinator health, and future research needs. In this article (Bees at the Brink) the reporter provides a new twist, with a more in-depth focus on Marla Spivak, the MacArthur Fellow and Entomology Professor who has been a catalyst for many innovative research and extension initiatives (including the Minnesota Bee Squad) at the University of Minnesota. This story provides a fascinating back story about how and why Marla became passionate about bees, and how she's been unlocking the secrets of the hive ever since. Marla is also featured in the Fall issue of the Minnesota Extension Service "Source" magazine. For more information, please visit (and like) our Facebook page!

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Wilson, Michael B.; Spivak, Marla; Hegeman, Adrian D.; Rendahl, Aaron; Cohen, Jerry D. 2013. Metabolomics Reveals the Origins of Antimicrobial Plant Resins Collected by Honey Bees. Plos One

Blahnik, R.J., and R.W. Holzenthal
. 2014. Review and redescription of species in the Oecetis avara group, with the description of 15 new species (Trichoptera, Leptoceridae). ZooKeys 376: 1-83. journals/zookeys/issue/376/

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