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George Heimpel [3/27/2015] Congratulations to George Heimpel, who was named a Distinguised McKnight Professor!

Biological Control at a Crossroads in Agriculture and Conservation
In biological control, living organisms are introduced to control invasive species.  This method has been used with great success, but also carries ecological risk. Professor Heimpel is making seminal contributions in implementing this strategy to protect soybeans in the U.S. and Darwin’s finches in the Galapagos Islands.  He is also developing conceptual models that allow a balancing of benefits and risks in biological control to arrive at best net solutions for managing invasive species.

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Roger Moon[3/19/2015] In an interview for KSTP (Channel 5) News, Roger Moon, a professor of entomology at the University of Minnesota, says we'll have more ticks and flies over the next few months, but our lack of rain this spring is good news when it comes to mosquitoes. Watch the video.

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