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Ralph W. Holzenthal


B.A. Biology, University of New Orleans, 1978

M.S. Biology, University of New Orleans, 1980

Ph.D. Entomology, Clemson University, 1985

The richness and diversity of insects fascinate me, particularly the diversity of caddisflies, or Trichoptera. As aquatic larvae, caddisflies build remarkable silken nets and portable cases of many different styles and materials. Adults, too, are very diverse in their size, color, and morphology. My curiosity for these insects is fueled by the many new species being discovered around the world and my desire to describe this diversity.

My specific area of expertise is in the systematics and taxonomy of Neotropical caddisflies. My research involves field work, descriptive and alpha taxonomy, and revisionary and phylogenetic studies. I am also interested in general systematic theory and methodology, historical biogeography, conservation, and museum management and administration.


PROJECTS (under construction)

Catalog of the Neotropical Caddisflies
Trichoptera of Southeastern Brazil
Revision of Neotropical Nectopsyche
Leptoceridae of West Africa

Trichoptera of Venezuela
Trichoptera of Costa Rica
Higher Level Phylogeny of Trichoptera

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