Tiana Molitor, M.S. Student

Tiana Molitor - MS Student


Steve Kells

Previous Education

B.S., Biology of Global Health, University of St. Thomas (2018)


Sauk Centre, MN

Research Topic

I am analyzing the most efficient and individualized methods of creating pest management programs for multi-unit family housing buildings.  Bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents are the three main urban pests I am researching in my thesis study.

Why Insects?

Insects are incredible and often not given the credit they deserve!  Whether the insect is a pest, disease vector, or plant pollinator, insects have so much influence over our lives.  

Why University of Minnesota?

? Growing up my family and I would watch Gopher sports, so I have always been a gopher fan.  When I was looking at graduate programs, I was thrilled to see how my academic interests could be matched at UMN.  The entomology department has great faculty and resources to help students thrive during their academic career and after graduation.


I would like to work in the public health field someday.  Ideally, my job would encompass aspects of human health and entomology.

Favorite Insect

Crimson Marsh Glider, because it is beautiful.

Other interests/hobbies

I was a competitive swimmer all four years in college and love competing!  I recently have gotten into triathlons and would like to do an ironman someday!

Coffee or tea?

COFFEE! Nothing better than starting a day with a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate.