Trisha Leaf - Ph.D. Student

Trisha Leaf


Ken Ostlie


Rio, WI

Research Topic:

            My general research interests are integrated pest management (IPM) and insecticide resistance management (IRM) of agricultural pests, especially in Bt-resistant and susceptible populations. I’m focusing on how scouting can be revamped so it will fit into the changing landscape of IPM with Bt-resistant populations.

Previous Education:

M.S. Entomology- University of Minnesota

B.S. Plant Pathology- University of Wisconsin- Madison 

Why insects?

            I studied plant pathology as an undergrad and felt that in order to fully understand plant pathogens, I also needed to understand insects. After I started learning about insects, I became fascinated by them and realized entomology was the path for me. 

Why University of Minnesota?

            The Department of Entomology is known for providing strong educational and research experience for its graduate students. Upon visiting the department and meeting many of the professors, I knew it would be a great place to earn my advanced degrees. 


            After finishing my PhD, I plan on working for a company that will allow me to continue research on agricultural pests and work with growers on integrating the research into practical applications 

Favorite Insect:

            Most adorable: weevils (all of them)

            Most interesting: Other than corn rootworm, Belastomatids!

Other Hobbies/Interests:

            I love to spend time with my family! We really enjoy cooking, hiking and playing games. I also like running and spending as much time outdoors as possible. 

Coffee or Tea?

            Both. Coffee is a must for me every morning, but a hot cup of tea in the afternoon or evening is a wonderful way to relax as well.