Samuel Ward - Ph.D. Candidate



Brian Aukema


Tahoe Vista, CA

Research Topic

Ecology and management of forest insects

Previous Education

B.S. Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity (Minor: Spanish), University of California, Davis

M.S. Entomology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Why Insects?

Since they can be problematic (ecologically and economically), insects are great to study for those with an interest in applied ecology.

Why University of Minnesota?

I came here to work with Brian Aukema (masters). I stayed here (PhD) because I like working with Brian, like the department, and enjoy living in the Twin Cities. My favorite thing about UMN is the diversity of people, programs and resources on campus. 



Favorite Insect

This thing:   

Sam's Favorite Bug

Other interests/hobbies

Burritos, watching soccer and basketball, travel, friends, family.

Coffee or tea?

Rotating preference.