Obiraranea daSilva Queiroz, M.S. Student

Obiraranea daSilva Queiroz


Robert Koch


Estrela do Norte (Goias) - Brazil

Research Topic

I am interested in understand the movement and distribution of soybean aphids in resistant varieties compared with susceptible ones.

Previous Education

Agronomy at Universidade Federal de Vicosa (2016)

Why Insects?

The insect’s world is fascinating. Some insects can cause diseases by transmit virus and other pathogens. Also they can cause yield lost and economic loss. However they can be the solutions to our problem for example they can be model to many system. Also the can help us to control another pests and they help us to produce food by pollination. So study insects help me to solve many important problem.

Why University of Minnesota?

Beside the great quality of the education system, the University of Minnesota create a diverse place allowing different culture to live together and develop their skills. The department of entomology has many faculty members with different field formation what are a great source of knowledge for us students.  


After my graduate school, I want to work with farmers helping them to solve problems with insects. So I hope to get a lot of knowledge to help the farmer with solutions and also I want help the society around me. In addition, I hope develop my skills to communicate with people.

Favorite Insect

I love any type of butterflies and natural enemies.

Other interests/hobbies

I like to enjoy the nature. I love travel for different places and make new friends. Also I like to read any kind of book, cook food and watch TV show. I like to collect teddy bears.

Coffee or tea?