Hailey Shanovich, M.S. Student

Hailey Shanovich


Robert Koch

Previous Education:

B.S. in Plant Biology at University of Wisconsin - Madison; emphasis in Horticulture


West Bend, WI. 

Research Topics:

Integrated pest management in apple orchards, native predators, and invasive species (specifically Brown Marmorated Stink Bug).

Why Insects?

Insects have been on the earth for quite some time, and their sheer diversity and numbers are staggering. Over the eons, insects have evolved the abilities to survive and adapt in a huge variety of habitats. Insects exploit countless niches not readily available to us or other animals and we have so much to learn from this taxa!

Why University of Minnesota?

It is well known for its strengths in agricultural research on a national level. From my experience here thus far there it is a great department to work in and most everyone is friendly and interested in collaborating.


I love research and extension work and want to learn and grow within the field. I also want to write books someday.

Favorite Insect:

So hard to choose. I think parasitoid wasps (some native to Minnesota!), specifically Chalcid wasps. They are spectacularly metallic blue or green and are hyperparasites meaning a parasitoid of a parasitoid. Complicated isn't it?Parasitoid wasp

Other interests/hobbies:

Interests: horticulture, agriculture, history, geology. Hobbies: Running, hiking, camping, and cooking.

Coffee or tea?

Both; light roast and chai.