Daniela Pezzini - Advanced M.S. Student

Daniela PezziniAdvisor

Bob Koch

Previous Education



Santa Barbara do Sul - Brazil 

Research Topic

Stink Bug monitoring and management 

Why Insects?

Insects can cause serious damages on crops, resulting in yield losses. The pest management tactics are chosen by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to humans and the environment. The high demand for research on pest management sparked my interest in entomology and I decided to focus my career on IPM. 

Why University of Minnesota?

Besides the very good quality of education, the UMN community receives new students with enthusiasm and it makes us to feel proud of making part of it. The Department of Entomology is ranked #4 in the U.S., and the faculty and students are very friendly and are always ready to help. I’m sure that its support added with the students potential leads to the success of the research.


To be happy and grateful with what I have. To feel so comfortable anywhere that I can see beyond my own preferences to enjoy the world and other people exactly as they are. Respect and compassion for everyone and everything!

Favorite Insect

Stink Bugs 

Other interests/hobbies

Love to keep contact with the nature and spending my free time listening to music or having a good time with friends. Love to travel and learn about different cultures.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee please!