Judy Wu-Smart - Ph.D. Candidate



Marla Spivak


Concord, CA

Research Topic

Sub-lethal effects of neonicotinyl insecticides on honey bee and bumble bee queens and colony development

Previous Education

BS (Zoology) Humboldt State University, CA
MS (Entomology) Washington State University, WA

Why Insects?

Insects are amazingly diverse and adaptive little critters. They were here long before us and they will be here long after we’re gone.

Why University of Minnesota?

The UMN beelab does incredible research lead by a great advisor and provides a lot of support to the beekeeping industry. Also, the department faculty, staff, and other graduate students are very supportive and fun.


I hope to continue my research and efforts in protecting pollinators from non-target effects of pesticides.

Favorite Insect

Bees are so fuzzy and cute.

Other interests/hobbies

Art of all sorts.

Coffee or tea?

Hot water