Geoffrey Lynn - Ph.D. Candidate



Ulrike Munderloh


Helena, MT

Research Topic

 Characterizing the relationship between the recently described Ehrlichia muris-like organism and its vector tick,  Ixodes scapularis

Previous Education

BA Zoology University of Montana Missoula , M.S. Environmental Health (EID) University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Why Insects?

Ticks are parasitic arachnids and carry the greatest variety of pathogens of any vector.   Studying their interactions with various microbes and host animals can be fascinating.

Why University of Minnesota?

The opportunity to work in Dr. Munderloh’s lab and live in a great place like Mpls-St.P.

Having a smiling rodent as a mascot


To advance our knowledge of zoonotic (esp. tick borne pathogens), most likely as an epidemiologist or a research scientist.

Favorite Insect

Dung beetle

Other interests/hobbies

Homebrewing, baking, skiing, baseball, backpacking

Coffee or tea?

Industrial strength coffee