Elaine Evans - Ph.D. Candidate



Marla Spivak


Saint Paul, MN

Research Topic

The impact of agricultural intensity on wild bee diversity and abundance.

Previous Education

M.Sc., Entomology (University of Minnesota)
B.Sc., Biology (Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA)

Why Insects?

I was led to biology through my interest in environmental issues, particularly biological conservation. Insects are the most diverse animal group, yet they receive the least attention when it comes to conservation. My work focuses on bringing attention to the importance of wild bees.

Why University of Minnesota?

Marla is amazing. She has always supported my interest in native bees and I am happy to be working with her and all the bee lab people again.


I would love to see effective conservation strategies and protective measures formed and put into effect for wild bees. Many other creatures, including humans, will benefit from having healthy pollinator populations.

Favorite Insect

Bumble bees. Besides being absolutely adorable, they have interesting behaviors, beautiful nests, and there is much we still need to learn about them. On top of all that, they even smell good. Not an insect, but I adore spiders

Other interests/hobbies

Listening to, composing, playing, and thinking about music.

Coffee or tea?

Earl grey rooibos tea