Dylan Tussey - M.S. Student

Dylan TusseyAdvisors

Rob Venette
Brian Aukema

Previous Education

B.S. Environmental Studies; Concentration in Ecology and Environmental Biology (University of North Carolina at Asheville)


Lexington, North Carolina

Research Topic

Sub-lethal effects of winter cold during larval development on lipid content and dispersal capacity of adult emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis

Why Insects?

Insects are arguably the most successful and abundant organisms on the planet. Their ability to exploit every available niche is awe-inspiring. Why study anything else?

Why University of Minnesota?

UMN has a highly ranked entomology program that offers great research opportunities with faculty devoted to education. And the Twin Cities themselves offer great metropolitan living experiences with easy access to pristine wilderness.


Big question… I think I would like to teach at a small university while conducting research on invasive species ecology, or perhaps work with an extension service to reduce the impact managed lands have on surrounding natural ecosystems.

Favorite Insect

Although Coleoptera is my favorite taxon, Periodical Cicadas are my favorite insects. Standing in a forest during a massive emergence of a 17-year brood is a deafening experience. 

Other interests/hobbies

Hiking, fishing, canoeing, vegetable gardening, and painting (although I’m not particularly good).

Coffee or tea?

Coffee  every morning, tea on occasion.