Fall Semester 2017

ENT1005 Insect Biology
ENT3281 Veterinary Entomology
ENT3925 Insects, Aquatic Habitats & Pollution
ENT4001 Agroecology and Insect Pests - Online! 
ENT4021 Honey Bees & Insect Societies
ENT4251 Forest and Shade Tree Entomology
ENT5021 Insect Biodiversity & Evolution
ENT5041Insect Ecology
ENT5081 Insects, Aquatic Habitats & Pollution
ENT5275 Medical Entomology
ENT8061 Scientific Communication & Ethics
ENT8300 Graduate Seminar

Spring Semester 2018

ENT 1905 Freshman Seminar
ENT 4015 Ornamentals & Turf Entomology
ENT 4096 PEP: Internship
ENT 5011 Insect Structure & Function
ENT 5051 Scientific Illustration of Insects
ENT 5061Insect Molecular Science
ENT 5121 Applied Experimental Design
ENT 5341 Biol Control: Insects & Weeds
ENT 5361 Aquatic Insects
ENT 5900 Basic Entomology
ENT 5910 Special Problems in Entomology
ENT 5920 Special Lectures in Entomology
ENT 8300 Graduate Seminar

Entomology Minor Requirements

This minor provides students with a strong foundation in entomology while exploring entomological theories and principles. Coursework easily compliments studies related to biology, animals, plants, human health, and food production.  All minor requirements must be taken A-F (unless only offered S/N), and students must earn a grade of at least C- in each course in the minor.

Entomology Minor Factsheet
Specific Courses, Electives