Fall Semester 2017

ENT1005 Insect Biology
ENT3925 Insects, Aquatic Habitats & Pollution
ENT4001 Agroecology and Insect Pests - Online!
(contact Chris Philips for more info.)
ENT4251 Forest and Shade Tree Entomology
ENT5021 Insect Biodiversity & Evolution
ENT5041Insect Ecology
ENT5081 Insects, Aquatic Habitats & Pollution
ENT5275 Medical Entomology
ENT8300 Graduate Seminar

Spring Semester 2018

ENT 1905 Freshman Seminar
ENT 4015 Ornamentals & Turf Entomology
ENT 4096 PEP: Internship
ENT 5011 Insect Structure & Function
ENT 5051 Scientific Illustration of Insects
ENT 5121 Applied Experimental Design
ENT 5341 Biol Control: Insects & Weeds
ENT 5361 Aquatic Insects
ENT 5900 Basic Entomology
ENT 5910 Special Problems in Entomology
ENT 5920 Special Lectures in Entomology
ENT 8006 Lab/Extension Teaching Experience
ENT 8041 Adv Insect Genetics
ENT 8300 Graduate Seminar

Entomology Minor Requirements

This minor provides students with a strong foundation in entomology while exploring entomological theories and principles. Coursework easily compliments studies related to biology, animals, plants, human health, and food production.  All minor requirements must be taken A-F (unless only offered S/N), and students must earn a grade of at least C- in each course in the minor.

Entomology Minor Factsheet
Specific Courses, Electives