Options for Supporting our Department and its Research Mission

»Entomology Excellence Fund:

The Department of Entomology is moving towards an exciting new future! Your support for this discretionary fund will help us direct resources where needed most as we build the department and it research, teaching and outreach programs.

»Entomology Research Fund:

Your support helps us direct money for immediate mission critical activities.  Some of the important outcomes from this fund include, additional support for new faculty as they set up new laboratories, re-tooling existing labs or purchasing shared equipment to expand our abilities, and creating materials for use in classrooms and for the general public in our education programs.

»Insect Museum Fund:

The acquisitions to our insect collection are growing!  Which means the space to store these specimens is dramatically shrinking.  To help with the space crisis, your support would help install a storage compactor to double the storage space without tearing down walls!