Winners of the ESA Student Competition for the President's Prize

November 19, 2014

[11/19/2014] Much of the Entomology department has been in Portland this week for the annual ESA meeting, and many of our students participated in various competitions. We are proud to announce the following winners:

ESA 2014 LogoFor 10 Minute Oral Presentations:

  • 1st place - Matthew Smart (Spivak Lab)
  • 1st place - Amy Morey (Venette Lab)
  • 2nd place - Anthony Hanson (Koch Lab)
  • 2nd place - Tavvs Alves (Koch Lab)

For Poster Presentations:

  • 1st - place Amanda Stephens (Hutchison Lab)
  • 1st - place Anna Hansen (Moon Lab)
  • 2nd - place Jaana Iverson – undergraduate student

A job well done by all!