UMN Honorees at ESA 2017

November 10, 2017

ESA LogoUniversity of Minnesota Awardees at the 2017 ESA Conference in Denver, CO

Graduate student honors/successes:


Invited symposia speakers 

  •   Samuel J. Fahrner - The role of cold temperatures in spatiotemporal patterns of larch casebearer

      Symposium: Climate and Forest Insect Outbreaks: Linking Climate, Tree Physiology, and Insect Demography

  •   Zach Marston - Using unmanned aerial vehicles for scouting soybean aphid.

      Symposium: Interdisciplinary Approaches to IPM

  •   Morgan Carr-Markell - Can restored prairies contribute significantly to the diets of Apis mellifera (honey bee) colonies in the upper Midwest?

      Symposium: Pollinator Nutrition: Lessons from Bees at Individual to Landscape Levels


ESA President’s Prize 

  •   Julia Brokaw 1st Prize, P-IE: Pollination 2
  •   Daniela Pezzini 2nd Prize, P-IE: IPM Field Crops 1 (Sunday)
  •   Obiratanea daSilva Queiroz 2nd Prize, P-IE: IPM-Field Crops 1 (Monday)
  •   Anh Tran 1st Prize, P-IE: Behavior 
  •   Eric Middleton 1st Prize, P-IE: IPM- Horticulture
  •   Marie Hallinen 1st Prize, P-IE: Invasive Species
  •   Sam Fahrner 2nd Prize, P-IE: Invasive Species


Faculty honors:

  •   Roger Moon - ESA Honorary Member
  •   Marla Spivak – ESA Fellow