The internet of things could save the honeybee from extinction

July 7, 2015

Marla Spivak[7/7/2015] The "Internet of Things" could be the next advance in saving honeybees. Marla Spivak is working with agricultural communications firm Eltopia and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications specialist Gemalto to develop a non-chemical way to control varroa mites. MiteNot is a smart beehive frame specifically designed to monitor and manage the internal temperature of the hive in which it is installed. “When you heat up the beehive at the right time of the mite breeding cycle, you can effectively sterilise them and keep them under control.”

“Eltopia’s MiteNot project is the most innovative and holds the most promise to turn the bee crisis around than any other idea that has come along in a very long time, maybe ever,” says Spivak. MiteNot is set to launch later in 2015 as a commercially available system, subject to the completion of successful trials. Read the full article.