Entomology at the UMN Major/Minor Expo!

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February 21, 2019

The minor in Entomology offers undergraduates a strong foundation in insect sciences, and develops collateral knowledge for fields as diverse as anthropology, global public health, engineering, fine arts, plant pathology, crop and and animal sciences, food security, human and veterinary medicine, environmental policy, forestry and natural resource management, and many others. In short, nearly every major offered at the University of Minnesota can be enriched with the study of insects.

According to Dept. Head Dr. Sujaya Rao, "Insects and their close relatives are inseparable from our lives, and offer fascinating models for study across scientific, engineering, policy, health, and social science majors. Many are quite simply beautiful, with amazing adaptations that allow them to occupy nearly the whole planet. The Entomology Minor is a great way for undergraduate students across many majors to add to their education and have fun along the way!"