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Congratulations to Amy and Theresa, who both received impressive awards this spring. Keep up the great work!

Amy MoreyAmy Morey (Ph.D. Candidate, Venette Lab), is the 2015 recipient of the North Central Branch John Henry Comstock Award! This award given to one graduate student from each ESA Branch to promote interest in entomology at the graduate level and to stimulate interest in attending the ESA Annual Meeting. Students members are eligible to compete for this award in one Branch only. Each award consists of an all-expenses-paid trip to the meeting, a $100 cash prize, and a certificate. Expenses paid include reimbursed airfare, free hotel arrangements, free meeting registration, and a per diem allowance. Previous Comstock Award winners.

Theresa CiraTheresa Cira (Ph.D., Hutchison Lab) is the recipient of the Global Food Security Fellowship from the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change. This fellowship will support Theresa's research on sustainable pest management in Vietnam on the litchi fruit borer (LFB), a pest of litchi. She will be working with growers to learn about on-farm pest management decision-making, conducting experiments with a new pheromone bait, surveying natural enemies for use in conservation biological control, and producing extension material for growers and the Vietnamese government. More on the ICGC Global Food Security Fellowships.

Ernesto Razuri Gonzales     Lucas Camargos[4/3/2015] Congratulations to Ernesto and Lucas (Luis Ernesto Rázuri Gonzales and Lucas Marques de Camargos) of the Holzenthal Lab, who each received a $600 "Systematics Fund" student endowment award from the Society of Freshwater Science in recognition of their research in taxonomy of aquatic insects.  In addition, Ernesto was just awarded a Walter H. Judd International Graduate & Professional Fellowship worth $2500 from the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance of the University of Minnesota. Ernesto will use his award to do field work in Ecuador this summer. Finally, Lucas was selected to participate in the Darwin Scholars Programme sponsored by the Field Studies Council, London, England. He received a of £625 fellowship to cover tuition and housing to attend a series of workshops in England this August on biodiversity conservation and field methods.

George Heimpel [3/27/2015] Congratulations to George Heimpel, who was named a Distinguised McKnight Professor!

Biological Control at a Crossroads in Agriculture and Conservation
In biological control, living organisms are introduced to control invasive species.  This method has been used with great success, but also carries ecological risk. Professor Heimpel is making seminal contributions in implementing this strategy to protect soybeans in the U.S. and Darwin’s finches in the Galapagos Islands.  He is also developing conceptual models that allow a balancing of benefits and risks in biological control to arrive at best net solutions for managing invasive species.

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Roger Moon[3/19/2015] In an interview for KSTP (Channel 5) News, Roger Moon, a professor of entomology at the University of Minnesota, says we'll have more ticks and flies over the next few months, but our lack of rain this spring is good news when it comes to mosquitoes. Watch the video.

Petra Kranzfelder[3/10/2015] The Society for Freshwater Science awarded Petra Kranzfelder (Ph.D. Candidate, Len Ferrington) the Systematics Fund Award. The award was given to support Petra's research in the area of taxonomy and systematics. Congratulations, Petra!

Marla SpivakIn an article posted on CNN's website, Marla Spivak wrote that it's time for all of us to act. Anyone who cares about the health of the planet, for now and for generations to come, needs to answer this wake-up call. Read the full article.

Sabrina Hymel[2/17/2015] Tune in to Classical MPR to hear our own Sabrina Hymel discuss her playlist during the weekly Music with Minnesotans segment. Sabrina is a scientist in the Kells lab, and when she's not saving the world from bed bug infestations she enjoys classical music, knitting, and plotting office pranks. Listen here.

Ian MacRae[2/16/15] Ian MacRae and Bob Koch were featured in a Big Ten Network LiveBig segment, where they showcased the importance of using drones in entomological research. Watch the Video

Vera Krischik[2/15/15] Vera Krischik was interviewed by MPR regarding neonicotinoids being found in milkweed, and the potential impact this could have on monarch populations. Listen to the Story

Roger Moon[1/26/15] Roger Moon was featured alongside Rebecca Montgomery of the Forest Resources department in CFANS Solutions Winter Issue.