In the Media

Eric vs Spinning Wheel of Doom [7/25/16] Our department's part time Ninja and full-time Entomologist in training, Eric Middleton, will be on the American Ninja Warrior TONIGHT at 7:00 pm on NBC!

Theresa Cira[7/1/16] ESA 2016 Award Winners were just announced, including Theresa Cira, PhD Candidate. Theresa is the recipient of STUDENT ACTIVITY AWARD. This national award is presented annually to recognize a student for outstanding contributions to the Society, his or her academic department, and the community, while still achieving academic excellence. For more information, see the ESA page.

Eric Middleton[1/7/16] Graduate student Eric Middleton advances to the finals of the competition show American Ninja Warrior. Congratulations Eric, and best of luck!

Anthony Hanson, Joe Kaser, Trisha Leaf, Edwin Benkert, Anh Tran, Daniela Pezzini[6/20/16] UMN Entomology grad students were well represented at this year's North Central Branch-Entomological Society of America (NCB-ESA) meeting. Ahn Tran recieved an award, Anthony Hanson recieved three, and Joe Kaser was an invited speaker. Congratulations to everyone!

Vera Krischik [7/1/16] Vera Krischik speaks to Tech Times on the decline in milkweed due to increasing use of genetically engineered crops and herbicides.

Andrea Hefty [6/2/16] Andrea Hefty is the proud recipient of the 2016 Western Forest Insect Work Conference Memorial Scholarship, awarded to outstanding students of forest entomology. Congratulations Andrea!

Krischik [5/10/16] An industrywide survey found that 60 percent to 75 percent of growers nationally no longer neonicitinoid insecticides to protect their plants, a remarkable change that has taken place in the past few years. Vera Krischik speaks to Star Tribune on the importance of bees. 

Hahn [5/10/16] Jeff Hahn tells WCCO-TV about the different types of ants found in houses this time of year, and what they might be after. Features a cameo by Ian Lane.

Marla Spivak[4/25/16] The Minnesota Corn Grower's Association and the U of M Bee Lab's Marla Spivak emphasize the importance of good communication between farmers and beekeepers in maintaining crop and bee health.

Photo by Rob Venette [3/31/16] Drs. Bob Koch and Bill Hutchison are mentioned in a press release, as co-authors on a new review article, summarizing global impacts of the invasive, multicolored Asian lady beetle, often referred to in Europe as the Harlequin Lady Beetle.