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Dora MwangolaGrad students Dorah Mkabili Mwangola and Leticia Dourado Clemente share their journey to CFANS. Read more

asillidaeBees, butterflies, beetles, and more: an insider's tour of the University of Minnesota's Insect Collection. Read more.

Rusty patched bumble beeIt’s been two years since the rusty patched bumble bee became the state bee of Minnesota, a designation due in no small part to Elaine Evans, University of Minnesota Extension educator and Bee Lab researcher. Read more.

Len FerringtonThe Society for Freshwater Science has named Leonard Ferrington, professor in the Department of Entomology, as a 2021 fellow. Fellows are those who have led, shaped, and inspired the field of freshwater science. Ferrington’s research focuses on the significance of Chironomidae in aquatic ecosystems. Fellows will be recognized at an annual meeting in May. Read more.

soybean graphicUniversity researchers developing aphid-resistant soybeans. These new plants could make it easier for organic farmers to combat the harmful pests, and could also reduce pollution caused by insecticide use in Minnesota. Read more.

Cataloging Minnesota's native beesUsing the University of Minnesota Insect Collection, a team of bee researchers at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is tracking and studying native bees in the hope of understanding how the insects have been impacted by the climate crisis. Read more.

parasite trackerUniversity continues work on national insect curation project, despite pandemic. Read more.

Julie Grossman standing cover crops

The story of how Big River Farms and CFANS are working together to improve soil health, pollinator habitat and landscape cover has a number of intriguing “plots” — all of them centered on cover crops and intended to make the science of environmentally-friendly farming accessible and beneficial to emerging farmers. Read more

college student and beeThrough the efforts of Elaine Evans, University of Minnesota Extension educator, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus became a certified Bee Campus in 2020. As an official Bee Campus, Extension and several University colleges will highlight and expand efforts to promote pollinator conservation. Read more

parasite trackerThe Insect Collection, in partnership with the Terrestrial Parasite Tracker project, is launching a Notes For Nature expedition. In this crowdsourced project, you will see slide-mounted specimens of Phthiraptera and will help build our scientific database! Read more.