Morris and Elaine Soffer Rockstein Fellowship Fund

This fellowship supports graduate students in the University of Minnesota's Department of Entomology, which provides research and education that inspires society to value the environmental contributions of insects and their relatives. 

Please consider a donation to this fund.


Theresa CiraBill Hutchison2015
Joelle OlsonSteve Kells2014
Fraser McKeeBrian Aukema2014
Amy MoreyBill Hutchison2013
Thelma HeidelRagsdale/Heimpel2012
Alyssa AndersonLen Ferrington2011
Karrie KochDavid Ragsdale2010
Adela Olivia ChavezUlrike Munderloh2009
Tederson GalvanBill Hutchison2008
Desi RobertsonRalph Holzenthal2007
Will BouchardLen Ferrington2006