Dr. Matthew Petersen

Matt PetersenDr. Matthew Petersen was hired as a Teaching Assistant Professor for enhancing the undergraduate entomology curriculum at UMN for growing the Entomology Undergraduate Minor. He joined the Department of Entomology in May 2019 and, in just seven months, has gained the reputation of being a passionate, enthusiastic and inspiring teacher! Thanks to his ‘active learning’ approach, and drive to provide students with the best possible educational experience, undergraduates in his Insect Biology course have been motivated to enroll in the Minor, and take additional entomology courses, especially if he teaches them! Matt is continually seeking opportunities for drawing students to entomology – his online offering of Insect Biology in Spring 2020 reached its cap of 80 students almost as soon as students were able to register for it! Matt is pursuing a multitude of other ideas for UMN undergraduate engagement is entomology – stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you would like some teaching tips, contact Matt right away!

Dr. Petersen received his PhD in Entomology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology for Iowa State University in 2008. He gained additional research experience as a Postdoctoral and a Senior Research Associate at Cornell University and considerable teaching experience as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Roanoke College in VA, and an Adjunct Instructor at Minnesota State University at Mankato and Metropolitan State University in St. Paul.

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