Hollie Wall Dalenberg, M.S. Student

Hollie DallenbergAdvisor:

Marla Spivak

Previous Education

Cellular and Molecular Biology Bachelor of Science from Fort Lewis College


Tulsa, OK but lived in Durango, CO for the previous 6 years before moving to Minnesota

Research Topic

How the honey bee mouth microbiome changes in relation to propolis in the hive environment.

Why Insects?

Honey bees are important agricultural animals. I love honey and appreciate the pollination service that honey bees do for the plants in the environment. Honey bees are good model organisms for microbiology since they are one of the only managed social insects.

Why University of Minnesota?

Dr. Marla Spivak is at UMN. I am really interested in how propolis, an antimicrobial tree resin, interacts with the other microbes in the bee hive and body niches and the UMN is a leader in propolis research. UMN has a new Bee Lab promoting native bees as well as honey bees.


Continue to work with honey bees and the microbiology associated with them. 

Favorite Insect

Definitely the praying mantis. I recently found drawings of oothecae and hatchlings I made when I was about ten years old, so apparently this one's a long-standing favorite. I also love Ammophila spp. (thread-waisted wasps). They're beautiful little creatures to watch, and apparently pretty smart, too—one once was observed using a tool. 

Other interests/hobbies

I started graduate school with a one year old (now a three year old). I love teaching children about insects and agriculture. I also want to promote parent’s rights and challenging the culture of graduate school to be more accepting of parents and women wanting to start a family while in school.

Coffee or tea?

CLoose leaf herbal tea with honey.