2014 Hodson Alumni Recipient - Deborah McCullough

Deborah McCulloughProfessor - Michigan State University (faculty page)
Previous Education - Ph.D. Entomology, UMN. M.S. Forestry, B.S. Biology, Northern AZ University
Research Interests  - Invasive forest pests, such as emerald ash borer. 
Presentations - over 650 since 1992
Publications - 60+ manuals/bulletins and 50+ articles for trade publications. 95+ papers.
Teaching - Insects and Diseases, Forest Shade Trees.

Dr. Deborah G. McCullough holds a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. in Forestry from Northern Arizona University, and a Ph.D. in Entomology from the U of MN under Dr. Herb Kulman (1990). She is a professor with a joint appointment in Entomology and Forestry at Michigan State University (MSU), where her responsibilities include research, extension, and teaching. Her research focuses on forest insect ecology, impacts, and management, with the goal of developing long-term, sustainable strategies to protect forest health.

Dr. McCullough's recent research includes invasive forest pests, such as emerald ash borer (EAB). Results are delivered to many different groups, including foresters, arborists, regulatory officials, property owners, members of Native American tribes and conservation groups. McCullough has given over 650 presentations since 1992. She regularly provides information to a variety of media, directs the national EAB website, has published 60+ manuals and extension bulletins, and has written 50+ articles for trade publications. McCullough has also published 95+ papers about forest insect ecology and management in scientific journals. McCullough teaches Insects and Diseases of Forest Shade Trees annually to Forestry and Horticulture students.

She received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the School of Forestry at Northern Arizona University in 2006, was recognized by the MI Department of Agriculture for Outstanding Contributions to Michigan Natural Resources in 2005, and received MSU awards for the Outstanding Extension Specialist (2002, 2000), and NCB-ESA Extension Award (2014).