Hannah Gray, Ph.D. Candidate



David Andow 
George Heimpel


David Andow and George Heimpel

Research Topic

Natural enemy ecology, conservation biological control, and tropical-temperate comparisons in agroecosystems.

Previous Education

B.A., Kalamazoo College, Major in Biology, Concentration in Environmental Studies

Why Insects?

They are ubiquitous throughout ecosystems, make great study organisms, and have lives that seem straight out of science fiction novels!

Why University of Minnesota?

I chose University of Minnesota because the Entomology department is very welcoming, collaborative, and engaged in exciting research. My favorite things about UMN include, the great people working here, getting ice cream from the dairy lab in the student center, the beautiful fields surrounding our campus, and the ease of getting around.


I’d like to teach and continue to conduct research in applying agroecological concepts to land management and production practices.

Favorite Insect

Green lacewings, because they look delicate but are actually awesome predators, and Syrphid flies because everyone wants to look like a bee!

Other interests/hobbies

I love cooking, baking, dancing, and biking around this beautiful city.

Coffee or tea?

Peppermint tea most days, coffee or black tea when I’m in particular need of a caffeine-buzz.