The Great Minnsect Show


The first annual Great Minnsect Show was launched in April 2019. This community event, a partnership between the department, the graduate club Frenatae, state, federal and industry agencies, showcased insects and their associations with humans. It was held on Thursday April 25th on the East Bank Campus for the UMN community and on Saturday April 27 on the St Paul campus for families. The event included a career fair, insect petting zoo, an opportunity to taste insect-based snacks. 

"We LOVED the insect program at the U today. My grandson and my friend's kids had a wonderful time! It was very well done. Lots of multi-age activities, staff that were very good with children. I want to attend every year. It was a huge success for the five kids we brought. Thank you so much!"

-Comment from a parent

Stay tuned for details about the 2020 Spring event!

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