Post-Doctoral Associates

Becky Boulton

Previous Education:

PhD: University of St Andrews, The evolutionary causes and consequence of multiple mating in Nasonia vitripennis

MRes: University of Roehampton, Primate biology, behaviour and conservation, Distinction.

BSc (Hons): University of Chester, Animal behaviour, First class.

Research Emphasis:

I am interested in the evolution of mating systems, sexual selection and sexual conflict. My particular focus is on how natural selection can shape the costs and benefits of certain mating strategies and how this can ultimately lead feedback cycles of pre- and post-copulatory sexual selection and sexual conflict.

A little more about Becky:

When I'm not in the lab I play ultimate frisbee, play the ukulele and write stand up comedy and songs.

You can read more and see some videos at my website:

Alex Egan Alexander Egan

Ferrington Lab 

Previous Education:
University of Minnesota, PhD Entomology
University of Minnesota, B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife
Vermilion Community College, A.A.S Parks and Recreation Management

Research Emphasis:
Statistical analyses of breeding landbird data from western Great Lakes national parks, including assessing population trends, habitat associations, detectability and density estimates for avian communities.

A little more about Alex:
Played bass guitar in a heavy metal band. Seriously, long hair and all.

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Mike GoblirschMichael Goblirsch 

Spivak Lab 

Previous Education:

Research Emphasis:

A little more about Mike:

Adam KokotovichAdam Kokotovich

Andow Lab

Previous Education:
Ph.D., Natural Resources Science and Management; University of Minnesota
M.S., Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy; Humphrey School of Public Affairs; U of MN
B.M.E., Mechanical Engineering; College of Science and Engineering, U of MN

Research Emphasis:
I am a post-doctoral research associate with the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center at the University of Minnesota, where I study risk assessment and management of invasive Asian carp.  I am trained as a social scientist and am interested in the assumptions that inform and delimit decision making processes related to science, technology, and the environment.  My dissertation focused on contestations of risk and risk assessment in the context of plant genetic engineering.  

A little more about Adam:
I am a social scientist studying fish in an entomology lab...

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