Eric Middleton, Ph.D. Candidate

Eric MiddletonAdvisors:      

Ian MacRae, George Heimpel

Previous Education

B.S. 2014 Biology, University of Utah


Salt Lake City, UT

Research Topic

Understanding how habitat management affects species interactions and how arthropods mediate ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes.

Why Insects?

Because insects are awesome! They are vital to ecosystems of all kinds, managed or natural and are perfect to study if we want to understand how these ecosystems function. There is so much we don’t know about these incredibly ubiquitous creatures and so much we could gain from learning more. 

Why University of Minnesota?

I was drawn to the University of Minnesota in large part because of the faculty. Everyone was conducting very interesting research and there was a really collegial atmosphere between the faculty and the graduate students. The program is one of the best in the country and Minnesota seemed like a great place to further my education. 


I would love to continue doing research at a university level, but would also like to become involved in extension and outreach. 

Favorite Insect 

Fireflies. Growing up in an area almost devoid of them, they always seem like magic whenever I am lucky enough to spot one.

Other interests/hobbies 

I enjoy running, hiking, rock climbing, and camping. I am also very fond of ballroom and swing dancing. 

Coffee of tea?

Definitely tea