Entomology Minor

Entomology Major-Minor Expo

Over the past year the department has been brainstorming ideas to enhance the undergraduate student experience for those enrolled in the Entomology Minor program. We are happy to announce several changes that will help existing students navigate courses selection and also encourage other students join the minor program.

Starting in Fall 2020, the undergraduate minor program will be known as the Insect Science Minor and contain four areas of concentration for students to choose from. The Conservation & Environmental Assessment concentration will help students develop the skills needed for the identification and management of invasive and native insects in forests, prairies, aquatic systems, and other habitats, and learn how insects are used as biological indicators of ecosystem health. The Medicine and Global Health concentration will help students develop a strong background in the epidemiology of arthropod-vectored diseases of humans and other animals while enhancing marketable skills for careers in veterinary science or public health. The Agriculture and Plant Protection concentration allows students to learn the fundamentals of insect-plant interactions within agricultural and natural environments while developing a strong background in integrated pest management, including pesticide application and biological control strategies. Finally, the Pollinator Ecology concentration will help students develop their understanding of the important role insects play in plant reproduction while learning how to safeguard pollinator populations through knowledge local and landscape practices.

As entomologists, we understand the diversity of research and employment opportunities that exist within the field of entomology. Through these changes, our goal is to make it easier for students to see their path and to be able to incorporate the study of insects into their future plans.

A community is being built for undergraduates with a passion for insects through an undergraduate club, and their integration in department events such as the Fall welcome. 

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