Dr. Allan Peterson

Allan Peterson

Honoring and Remembering Dr. Allan Peterson, dynamic teacher in the Department of Entomology

Dr. Allan G. Peterson, a dynamic teacher in the Department of Entomology, passed away on March 2, 2019, just six weeks shy of his 104th birthday. Dr. Peterson completed his PhD in the Department of Entomology and was subsequently hired as a tenure-track assistant professor. An engaging lecturer and conversationalist, Allan was a popular professor, starting each class with a poem, many of which he wrote himself. In addition to writing poetry, after WWII Allan began typing weekly letters to family members. The final total of numbered letters was more than 2,000. He retired from the department in 1979 and led an active life in rural Aitken. He moved up to Crookston in 2007 to be with his family (his son, Bill, was a mathematics professor at the Crookston campus). He had an omni-present smile and a seemingly never-ending supply of chocolates and candy that he doled out generously. He loved to bake cookies, and at the Graduate Student Alumni Award celebration, the recipient of the Allan G. Peterson Award would be presented with a box of home-made cookies in person, while Allan could still drive from his home in Aitkin (around age 92).


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