Dominique Ebbenga, PhD Student

Dominique Ebbenga


Bill Hutchison


Taylors Falls, MN

Research Topic:

My research will include studies aimed to learn more about Japanese beetle basic biology, phenology, and continue working on developing a IPM program growers can use to manage this pest. 

Previous Education:

M.S. Entomology, University of Minnesota
B.S. Agricultural Education with an emphasis on Communication and Leadership, University of Minnesota

Why insects?

I find it fascinating how insects seem to be the center (or close to it) of our environment. Learning about insects gives me more opportunities to gain insight/knowledge on other topics.


With my education background, I would love to work in academia in the future. My dream job is to become a Professor at a University.

Why University of Minnesota?

It’s a big school in my home state and after working here for a summer, I couldn’t see myself earning a graduate degree anywhere else.

Favorite Insect:


Other interests/Hobbies:

In my free time, I like to go boxing, dirt biking, or head to my family’s hobby farm in NE Minnesota to work with the various fruit and vegetable crops we grow.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. Never tea.