Corrie Nyquist, M.S. Student

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Leonard Ferrington Jr.

Previous Education:

B.A. University of Minnesota, Morris


Cokato, MN

Research Topic:

Winter emergence of Chironomidae in trout streams

Why insects?

They are the most diverse and successful group of animals and have amazing adaptive abilities. They can inhabit niches in some of the warmest to some of the coldest environments on earth. I believe, the more we study these incredible little animals, the more we will be astounded and the more we will learn about the intricacies of biological life.

Why University of Minnesota? What is your favorite thing about UMN?

I really enjoy that the university, as a whole, attracts a diverse group of students and strives to create positive academic and research environments that instill students with the desire and tools to pursue their careers and passions. I’m also very interested in the work that Leonard Ferrington’s lab does with winter emergence in freshwater environments. It is work that continues to explore the adaptability of insects, specifically chironomids, to different environmental conditions, something that will become very important considering climate and environmental change.


I would love to continue to work with aquatic insects and obtain a career in natural resources and conservation.

Favorite insect:

Any of the Belostomatidae! Despite the terrifying mouthparts, they are surprisingly charismatic. Also, pompilids are absolutely fabulous.


Other interests/hobbies:

Backpacking, kayaking and canoeing, bouldering, dancing, drawing, playing with my border collies, living in new cultures and trying new food, watching sci-fi. I also play the violin and cello so I really enjoy music.

Coffee or tea?

Tea all the way, especially if it is a mix of coconut, chocolate and black tea.