Correy Hildebrand, Ph.D. Student



Stephen Kells


Parsonsburg/Ocean City, Md

Research Topic:

It will most likely involve genomics and Necrobia rufipes. That’s all I know presently. I would love to do a smaller project related to VOCs and chemical attraction.

Previous Education:

BS Biology, CBS U of Mn

Why Insects?

I find every aspect of them fascinating; their physiology, their diversity, their plasticity. Everything about them makes them amazing little organisms.

Why U of M?

I volunteered in the collection for the last year and a half of my undergrad and I decided I wasn’t going anywhere. I finished a MS with the department and when it came to take on a PhD, I knew this is where I wanted to stay. I’m proud to be part of the Ent program here at the U.


Working forensic cases during decomp season and possibly teaching.

Favorite Insect?

Blow flies.

Other Interestes/Hobbies? 

Eating food.

Coffee or Tea?