Cody Thorpe, M.S. Student

Cody ThorpeAdvisor:

Tim Kurtti

Research Topic:

I am currently researching tick-borne pathogens in the Kurtti & Munderloh Lab examining the role of the Rickettsia buchneri; the bacterial endosymbiont of the Black-legged tick, Ixodes scapularis.

Previous Education:

Bachelor's of Arts in Biology Cum laude. University of Minnesota Duluth
Why Insects?
I have always been fascinated with insects ever since I can remember helping my mom in her garden. The biodiversity of the insect world truly astounds me. I am highly interested in insect pollinators because they are vital to our ecosystem, but if I had to pick one group it would be Lepidoptera. 

Why University of Minnesota?

Minnesota has always been my home and I fell in love with Duluth during my undergrad years. I felt the U of M would provide me with the essential resources and skills I would need in order to have a successful career in Entomology.


I would like to dive into my love for insects further by possibly obtaining a PhD. I can easily see myself in extension work or teaching others about the importance of insect pollinators at the community and college level.

Favorite Insect:

Death Head Moth. I love the coloration pattern and the symbolism associated with the "skull" on the dorsal side of the thorax. A close second would be the Luna Moth.

Other Interests/Hobbies:

I love to read and go to rock concerts. I have recently started learning to play the electric guitar and I am hooked. I love music more than anything, especially punk rock and pop punk. 

Coffer or tea?

Neither. Both taste like burnt wood. Hot chocolate with a splash of Baileys is the way to go.