Anh Tran, Ph.D. Candidate

Anh Tran


Sujaya Rao
Mary Rogers


Cleveland, Ohio

Research Topic

Investigating the winter survival strategies of spotted-wing drosophila either through long-distance migration or local overwintering.

Previous Education

B.A., Biology - Hiram College
M.S., Entomology - University of Minnesota

Why Insects?

Growing up, I was terrified of insects. But that was because I didn’t understand them. My appreciation for insects started when I had wonderful mentors showing me how fascinating and diverse these creatures were. Now I’m hooked! 

Why University of Minnesota?

I was attracted to the community in the entomology department. Everyone wanted to help each other succeed and were more than happy to share resources and their expertise. Additionally, everyone looked like they were having fun and spending time outside of research. I wanted to be a part of this community!  


I love communicating and disseminating scientific research to different audience members. I would enjoy continuing this passion of scientific communication whether as an educator, an extension agent, as a professor or working in industry.

Favorite Insect

Weevils, they were the first insects I worked with. Also, I love their “snout. “

Other interests/hobbies

I run a lot and practice yoga on a daily basis. But I’m happy to try all sorts of new activities!

Coffee or tea?

Both! And I want to add bubble tea to this list.