Alumni Directory

Name Year Thesis Title Degree Advisor
Hanafi, Abdelhaq 1987 Spread and control of potato leafroll virus in potato in Minnesota M.S E. B. Radcliffe and D. W. Ragsdale
Hanafi, Abdelhaq 1992 Spread and control of potato leafroll virus in potato: implications for management of seed potatoes in the Souss Valley, Morocco E. B. Radcliffe and D. W. Ragsdale
Handford, Richard Henry 1939 The identification of nymphal Melanopli in Manitoba and adjacent areas Ph.D. A. G. Ruggles
Anna Hansen 2015 "Stable Flies, Winter Bedding, and Summer Dairy Cow Comfort" M.S. Roger Moon
Hansen, Dean Cyrus 1973 Systematics and morphology of the Nearctic species ofDiamesa Meigen, 1835, (Diptera: Chironomidae) Ph.D. E. F. Cook
Hansen, Richard William 1988 Phenological and nutritional interactions between the jack pine budworn and jack pine, and sampling early instars of the jack pine budworm Ph.D. H. M. Kulman
Anthony Hanson 2017 Incorporating host-plant resistance into soybean aphid integrated pest management Ph.D. Bob Koch
Hanson, Anthony 2013 Cold tolerance of emerald ash borer parasitoids: Oobius agrili Zhang and Huang (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), Spathius agrili Yang (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), and Tetrastichus planipennisi Yang (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae). M.S. R.C. Venette
Hanson, Paul Eliot 1979 The biology of rice water weevils (Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus& L. buchanani) on wild rice (Zizania) in Minnesota M.S. A. G. Peterson
Hantsbarger, William Merwin 1955 Some ecological studies of the mite Tyrophagus castellanii(Hirst) (Family-Acaridae) Acarina M.S. A. C. Hodson
Harden, Philip Howard 1941 Some Minnesota Plecoptera with special reference to the immature stages M.S.
Harden, Philip Howard 1949 The stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Minnesota Ph.D.
Harmon, Jason P. 2003 Indirect interactions among a generalist predator and its multiple foods Ph.D. D. A. Andow
Harms, Anna Elsie 1930 Isospora infections of carnivores M.S.
Harris, Ernest James 1959 The biology and control of the poplar-willow borer (Sternochetus lapathi L.) M.S. L. K. Cutkomp
Harvat, John Peter 1979 Plan B - No Thesis M.S. E. F. Cook
Hayward, John Thomas 1954 Phytotoxicity of certain insecticides applies to cucurbits M.S. L. K. Cutkomp
Hazarika, Shamsul Hussain 1947 The biology of the pine tortoise scale Toumeyella numismaticum Pt. and McD M.S. A. C. Hodson
Hedlin, Lawrence Kenneth 1965 Laboratory evaluation of plant resistance to the sweetclover weevil (Sitona cylindricollis Fahr.) in Mililotus and factors involved in the selection of host material by the weevil M.S. F. G. Holdaway
Andrea Hefty 2017 "Risk of invasion by walnut twig beetle throughout eastern North America" Ph.D. Brian Aukema, Rob Venette
Heidel-Baker, Thelma Tolentino 2012 Compatibility of soybean aphid integrated pest management strategies. Ph.D. D.W. Ragsdale, G.E. Heimpel.
Hellenthal, Ronald Allen 1977 Considerations of variability and taxonomic methodology in the systematics of the Orthocladiinae (Diptera--Chironomidae) Ph.D. E. F. Cook
Hendrickson (Cummins), Heather 2014 A Taxonomic Revision of Euchaetes Harris (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae) M.S. S. Weller, R. Holzenthal
Herford, Geoffrey Vernon Brooke 1931 The biology of Laemophloeus turcicus Grouvelle, with special reference to nutrition and the effects of atmospheric humidity M.S.
Hertig, Marshall 1921 Some phases of the pathological histology of the honey-bee with special reference to infection with Nosema apis Ph.D.