Alumni Directory

Name Year Thesis Title Degree Advisor
Fashingbauger, Bernard Adolph 1951 The effects of defoliation by the forest tent caterpillar,Malacosoma disstria Hbn., and spraying for the control of the forest tent caterpillar upon bird life and the effects of spraying for the control of the forest tent caterpillar upon amphibians M.S. H. W. Marshall
Feldman, Seymour Irving 1940 Studies on the morphology and biology of a Psilostome fluke M.S.
Feldman, Seymour Irving 1942 Studies on the nature and mechanism of immunity to certain trematodes Ph.D.
Fisk, Frank Wilbur 1939 Laboratory studies of methyl bromide as an insect fumigant M.S. A. G. Richards
Fisk, Frank Wilbur 1949 Studies on the digestive enzymes in certain mosquitoes Ph.D. A. G. Richards
Flanders, Kathy Linn 1986 Migration, dispersal, and colonization of potato leafhopper (Homoptera--Cicadellidae) M.S. E. B. Radcliffe
Flanders, Kathy Linn 1989 Green peach aphid (Homoptera--Aphididae) action thresholds for management of potato leafroll virus in potato Ph.D. E. B. Radcliffe
Flor, Lina 2006 Interaction of an entomopathogenic fungus and black-legged ticks, Ixodes scapularis (Say) (Acari:Ixodidae) Ph.D. T. J. Kurtti
Flora, Eric Allen 1998 Yield and quality response to insecticide timing for potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) control on seedling alfalfa in Minnesota M.S. W. D. Hutchison
Foott, William Henry 1959 The effects of interspecific competition on populations of the European red mite, Panonychus ulmi (Koch), and the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus telarius (L.) Ph.D. A. C. Hodson
Franklin, Rudolph Thomas 1964 The influence of soil fertility and resistance on injury to corn by the European corn borer Ph.D. F. G. Holdaway
Freitag, Jessica 2013 The effect of relative humidity on acaricide efficacy against and dispersal characteristics of the mold mite Tyrophagus putrescentiae  M.S. S. Kells
Freitag, Jessica Anne 2013 The effect of relative humidity on acaricide efficacy against and dispersal characteristics of the mold mite Tyrophagus putrescentiae. M.S. S. A. Kells
French, Lee Kent 1978 Environmental effects on first instar larvae of Diabrotica virgifera Leconte M.S. H. C. Chiang
Freund, David Edward 1982 Effect of pollination by insects on the seed set and yield of ten oilseed sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) cultivars M.S. B. Furgala
Freund, David Edward 1986 The effect of four pollination treatments on some seed and oil yield characteristics of oilseed flower Ph.D. B. Furgala
Fridlund, Paul R. 1954 Studies on virus diseases infecting hardy Prunus grown in Minnesota nurseries Ph.D. C. J. Eide
Frommer, Robert Lee 1981 Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner var israelensis as a potential microbial insecticide for use in black fly (Simulium sp.) larval control programs Ph.D. R. D. Price
Furgala, Basil 1959 A study of the preferential responses of honey bees foraging various legumes in northern Minnesota, and certain factors affecting these responses Ph.D. F. G. Holdaway
Gagné, Raymond J. 1967 A taxonomic revision of the genus Asteromyia (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) Ph.D. E. F. Cook
Galeota, Susan Marie 1981 Behavioral studies of Eriborus terebrans (Gravenhorst), an ichneumonid parasitoid of European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hübner) M.S. R. L. Jones
Galvan, Tederson Luiz 2008 Feeding Behavior, Phenology, and Management of the Multicolored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis, in Wine Grapes. Ph.D. W.D. Hutchison
Gandhi, Kamal Jit Kaur 2005 The responses of sub-boreal forest insects to a catastrophic wind-disturbance event and subsequent fuel-reduction practices in northeastern Minnesota Ph.D. S. J. SeyboldD. W. Gilmore
Garcia, Mamerto Lanting 1967 The biology of the ash flower gall mite, Eriophyes fraxiniflora Felt (Eriophyidae: Acarina) M.S. A. C. Hodson
Gardner, Joel D 2013 A survey and historical comparison of the Megachilidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) of Itasca State Park, Minnesota. M.S. M. F. Spivak