Alumni Directory

Name Year Thesis Title Degree Advisor
Christianson, Lindsey 2014 Host influence on the cold hardiness of Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire M.S. R.C. Venette
Chu, Young Chul 1970 Comparison of in vivo and vitro inhibition of ATPases by the insecticide chlordane M.S. L. K. Cutkomp
Cinereski, Joseph Edward 1966 Oviposition of the northern corn rootworm, Diabrotica longicornis (Say), under field conditions M.S. H.C. Chiang
Theresa Cira 2017 Managing Halyomorpha halys: Effects of cold tolerance, insecticides, and linguistic uncertainty Ph.D. Bill Hutchison
Clausen, Philip Joseph 1965 A comparative study of the copulatory apparatus of selected nearctic species of Parydrinae (Diptera: ephydriadae) M.S.
Clausen, Philip Joseph 1969 A revision of the nearctic species of the tribe Parydrini (Diptera: Ephydridae) Ph.D. E. F. Cook
Clausen (Brooks-Wallace), Marion B. 1950 The morphogenesis of the felt chambers in the post-abdominal spiracles of the larvae of Phormia reginaMeigen (Diptera) M.S.
Clayton, Dale H. 1983 Taxonomy of the Strigiphilus cursitans group (Mallophaga: Philopteridae) parasites of owls (Strigiformes) M.S. R. D. Price
Collier, Joe Edward 1969 A taxonomic revision of the genus Optioservus(Coleoptera: Elmicae) in the Nearctic region Ph.D. E. F. Cook
Connelly, Michael Scott 1994 Spread of potato virus Y by green peach aphid apterae in potato in Minnesota M.S. D. W. Ragsdale
Connor, Michael D. 1978 Susceptibility of 25 white spruce seed sources to yellowheaded spruce sawfly M.S. H. M. Kulman
Contreras-Ramos, Atilano 1996 Systematics of the dobsonfly genus Corydalus latreille(Megaloptera: Corydalidae) Ph.D. R. W. Holzenthal
Cook, Joseph Leslie 1976 Soil and site influences affecting the defoliation patterns of the yellowheaded spruce sawfly M.S. H. M. Kulman
Cook, William Carmichael 1920 Life history studies on the variegated cutworm (Lycophotia margaritosa Haworth) M.S.
Cook, William Carmichael 1923 Studies in the physical ecology of the Noctuidae Ph.D.
Corpuz-Raros, Leonila Alzate 1970 A revision of the North American Capitophorus Van der Goot and Pleotrichophorus Borner (Homoptera: Aphididae) Ph.D. E. F. Cook
Cottrell, Robert G. 1936 The biology of Dasymutilla bioculata (Cresson) M.S. C. E. Mickel
Crane, Diann Marie 1994 Mosquito fauna and abundance of principal species in recreation areas of Savanna Portage State Park, Minnesota M.S. R. W. Holzenthal and R. D. Moon
Cranshaw, Whitney 1979 Contributions to potato pest management in the Red River Valley M.S. E. B. Radcliffe
Cranshaw, Whitney 1981 Integrated control of insect contaminants of processed peas Ph.D. E. B. Radcliffe
Crawford, Wiley William 1937 Studies on the life history of trematodes transmitted through Odonata Ph.D. W. A. Riley
Crisp, Kevin Michael 2003 Biogenic amines and the orchestration of locomotor behavior in the medicinal leech Ph.D. Neuroscience K.A. Mesce
Cuperus, Gerrit W. 1981 Establishment of economic injury levels for potato leafhopper on alfalfa M.S. E. B. Radcliffe
Cuperus, Gerrit W. 1982 Establishment of economic thresholds for pea aphid and potato leafhopper on alfalfa Ph.D. E. B. Radcliffe
Cutler, Bruce Estin 1970 A taxonomic revision of the genus Consingus Simon, 1900 (Salticidae: Aranae) Ph.D. E. F. Cook