Alumni Directory

Name Year Thesis Title Degree Advisor
Telford, Horace Spooner 1941 A monograph of the genus Eristalis Latreille (Syrphidae: Diptera) from North America north of Mexico Ph.D. C. E. Mickel
Tenczar, Emily G 2007 An Integrated Pest Management Approach to Managing Cottonwood Leaf Beetle in Hybrid Poplar used for Biomass. M.S. V. A. Krischik
Thomas, Edward Louis 1939 The influence of temperature, moisture and food upon development and survival of the saw-toothed grain beetle M.S. H. H. Shepard
Thompson, Lynne Charles 1973 Analysis of the parasite complex of the larch sawfly in Minnesota M.S. H. M. Kulman
Thompson, Lynne Charles 1976 Establishment and dispersal of exotic parasites, and interrelationships between larval parasites of the larch sawfly in Minnesota Ph.D. H. M. Kulman
Thomson, Robin 2014 Phylogeny of the Microcaddisflies with a revision of the genus Leucotrichia Mosely (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae) Ph.D. R.W. Holzenthal
Thorsen, Barbara Jean 1964 A study of heartbeat reversal in Galleria mellonella L M.S.
Timm, Robert M. 1975 Natural history, distributions, and parasites of mammals of Cook County, Minnesota M.S.
Timm, Robert M. 1979 The Geomydoecus (Mallophaga: Trichodectidae) parasitizing pocket gophers of the Geomys complex (Rodentia: Geomyidae) Ph.D. R. D. Price
Tinkham, Ernest R. 1939 Taxonomic and biological studies on the Cyrtacanthacrinae of South China Ph.D. C. E. Mickel
Anh Tran 2016 "Integrating Chemical and Biological Controls for Management of Soybean Aphid" M.S. Robert Koch
Tripathi, Ram Lakhan 1959 Interspecific competition between rice weevil, Sitophilus oryza (Linn) and granary weevil, Sitophilus granarius (Linn) Ph.D. A. C. Hodson
Tsang, Kuen Roger 1975 Freeze-etched symbiote-infected oocytes of Blattella germanica M.S. M. A. Brooks-Wallace
Tsang, Kuen Roger 1980 Regulation of growth and transmission of an intracellular symbiote by its host Ph.D. M. A. Brooks-Wallace
Tsao, Chi 1949 The relative efficiency of newer organic compounds as aphicides with an evaluation of the methods of application Ph.D. A. A. Granovsky
Tsao, Ching-hsi 1948 The effect of different host species on the oviposition and larval survival of the introduced pine sawfly, Diprion simile(Hartig) M.S. A. C. Hodson
Tsao, Ching-hsi 1951 Quantitative effects of diet, age, temperature and humidity on the cuticles of five representative species of insects Ph.D. A. G. Richards
Tsou, Tsong-Ling 1930 A study of the influence of climate on the world-distribution of certain rice insects M.S.
Tunis, William David 1951 The effects of starvation on the fecundity of the forest tent caterpillar Malacosoma disstria Hbn. (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae) M.S.
Turnock, William James 1951 Some aspects of the biology of the pitch nodule maker,Petrova albicapitana (Busck) M.S.
Turnock, William James 1959 Emergence of the larch sawfly, Pristiphora erichsonii (Hartig) in relation to soil temperature and weather patterns Ph.D. A. C. Hodson
Dylan Tussey 2016 "Effects of winter severity on emerald ash borer nutrition levels and flight performance"  M.S. Brian Aukema
Udayagiri (Rao), Sujaya 1991 A chemically mediated interaction between plants andMacrocentrus grandii Goidanich (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a specialist parasitoid of Europe cornborer Ph.D. R. L. Jones
Valovage, Walter Daniel 1975 The relationship between uric acid content and intracellular symbiotes in the abdomen of Blattella germanica M.S. M. A. Brooks
Valovage, Walter Daniel 1979 Life table of Bessa harveyi (diptera: tachinidae), a parasite of the yellowheaded spruce sawfly, Pikonema alaskensis(hymenoptera: tenthredinidae) Ph.D. H. M. Kulman