Alumni Directory

Name Year Thesis Title Degree Advisor
Heu, Chan 2016 "Molecular analysis of the transfer (tra) genes of Rickettsia bellii RML 369-C and their function in bacterial conjugation" Ph.D. Tim Kurtti
Hines, Rebecca Lynn 1998 Biologically intensive integrated pest management of the lepidopteran pest complex in Minnesota cabbage M.S. W. D. Hutchison
Hinton, Jennifer Leigh 1999 Manure management, house flies (Musca domestica L.), and associated natural enemies (Histeridae; Macrochelidae; Anthocoridae; Pteromalidae) in high rise poultry facilities M.S. R. D. Moon
Hitchcock, John David 1935 Disinfection of honeycombs in the control of American foul brood, with special reference to the use of chlorine M.S.
Hladilek, Erin Elizabeth 2003 The role of ground beetles (Coleoptera:Carabidae) in detrital food webs M.S. D. A. Andow
Hodgson, Erin Whitnee 2005 Population dynamics and sampling of the soybean aphid Ph.D. D. W. Ragsdale
Hodson, Alexander C. 1931 The origin and differentiation of the sex organs of Tribolium confusum Duval M.S. A. A. Granovsky
Hodson, Alexander C. 1935 Some aspects of the role of water in insect hibernation Ph.D. A. A. Granovsky
Hoey, Melinda Sue 2004 Isolation and Characterization of Elongation Factor 1-Alpha (EF 1-Alpha) CDNA. M.S. A. M. Fallon
Hoffmann, Clarence Howard 1935 The biology and taxonomy of the genus Trichiotinus(Scarabaeidae-Coleoptera) Ph.D.
Holdaway, F. G. 1928 Humidity as a factor in insect environment; an experimental study of the growth of insect populations as affected by moisture, together with a study of the factors which may influence sex ratio in Tribolium confusum Ph.D. R. N. Chapman
Hoogendoorn, Marlijn 2003 Factors influencing abundance and predation of two coccinellid species in an agricultural system: the influence of vegetational diversity and species interactions Ph.D. G. E. Heimpel
Hottes, Frederick Charles 1927 Concerning the structure, function, and origin of the cornicles of the family Aphididae Ph.D.
Hou, Feng-Nan 1976 Artificial rearing and nutrition of the aster leafhopper,Macrosteles fascifrons (Stål) (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) Ph.D. M. A. Brooks-Wallace
Houghton, David 2002 Biodiversity of MInnesota Caddisflies Ph.D. R. W. Holzenthal
Houseweart, Mark W. 1976 Life tables of the yellowheaded spruce sawfly, Pikonema alaskensis (Rohwer), in Minnesota Ph.D. H. M. Kulman
Howard, Charles Walter 1913 Methods of control of Acrididae of economic importance with special reference to Minnesota conditions M.S.
Hsiao, T. H. 1961 The biology and ecology of Lydella grisescens R-D, a tachinid parasite of the European corn borer, in Minnesota M.S. F. G. Holdaway
Hsu, Cynthia (Simon) 2007 Spatial Distribution of the European Corn Borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), and Response of its Parasitoid Macrocentrus grandii Goidanich (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) to Host Spatial Heterogeneity. Ph.D. G. E. Heimpel
Hsu, Cynthia Lee 2007 Spatial Distribution of the European Corn Borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), and Response of its Parasitoid Macrocentrus grandii Goidanich (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) to Host Spatial Heterogeneity. Ph.D. G.E. Heimpel
Hu, Yang 2008 Dispersal and Mating System of European corn borer, Ostirnia nubilalis, (Huber) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), in relation Bt Resistance Management. Ph.D. D. Andow
Huckenpahler, Bernard James 1933 Tree injection as a means of bark-beetle control M.S.
Huebner, Leonard Benidict 1981 Effects of parasitism by Lixophaga diatraeae on food consumption and utilization of European corn borer larvae M.S. H. C. Chiang
Hughes, John Herschel 1943 The alfalfa plant bug, Adelphocoris lineolatus (Goetze), and other Miridae (Hemiptera) in relation to alfalfa seed production in Minnesota Ph.D. C. E. Mickel
Hupper, Theodore R. 1943 Federal-State and Interstate Relationships in Plant Regulation M.S.