Hailey Shanovich - M.S. Student

Hailey Shanovich Portrait


Robert Koch


West Bend, WI

Research Topic

Integrated pest management in orchards; Natural enemies; Invasive insects

Previous Education

University of Wisconsin - Madison: B.S. Plant Biology

Why Insects?

Insects are amazingly diverse animals with incredible capabilities, providing an unimaginable amount of ecosystem services. We know so little about so many species and their contributions and relationships with other organisms. In contrast, there are some pest species that cause major economic damage and understanding their biology and behavior is key to our successful management of them. 

Why University of Minnesota?

I chose University of Minnesota because the Entomology department is very engaged in exciting research and the graduate students have a very involved and welcoming student organization that impressed me. My favorite things about UMN include the great people working here, the greenspaces and gardens, and the great public transportation.


I’d love to continue facilitating innovation and knowledge acquisition in my area, but I’m also very passionate about effective teaching, community engagement and the environment. Ideally a future position would be dynamic and allow me to make a meaningful impact. 

Favorite Insect

Incredibly hard to choose, but I do love lacewings! They are voracious predators when young and dragon-like nectar eaters when adults.

Lacewing Fly

Other interests/hobbies

I probably have too many hobbies. I feel most happy in nature. Some favorite activities are backpacking, hiking, bouldering and martial arts.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee in the morning, tea at night.