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During the past decade our Alumni and Friends have entered a new era of giving back to our programs, including all three areas of our mission in Teaching, Research and Extension/Outreach. Several alumni and friends have been instrumental, and particularly generous in developing Graduate Fellowships to greatly expand our ability attract high-caliber Graduate Students, who in turn continue to build a tradition of excellence for our department, and also gain successful employment in a variety of careers!

As budget challenges continue within our College and Department, the generous gifts of alumni and friends are becoming more important.

Two recent examples include the Sping & Ying-ngoh Lin Fellowship, with a focus on basic research, and the MGK Fellowship with a focus on students interested in Integrated Pest Management, as well as careers with industry. Additional annual fellowship awards given out each year at the Hodson Alumni & Graduate Student Awards event (May) include the Morris & Elaine Soffer-Rockstein and the Marion Brooks-Wallace awards.

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Lugger-Radcliffe Graduate Fellowship

As part of our 125th Year Anniversary celebrated in 2013, we announced the the Lugger-Radcliffe Graduate Fellowship. This gift is endowed by Emeritus Professor Ted Radcliffe and his wife, Betty Radcliffe. Their generous gift of $50,000 will help “jump start” this endowment, and along with the Fast Start 4 Impact match from the UofM Foundation, will allow the department to award the first summer fellowship in 2014. As noted in the photo’s provided, Ted and Betty are quite excited to see this fellowship come to fruition!

Ted Radcliffe 125This Fellowship commemorates the rich history of the Department of Entomology. The name of this fund will reflect the Department of Entomology’s 125-year history which was first recognized as an administrative unit at the University of Minnesota in the spring of 1888 when a Division of Entomology and Botany was established with the organization of the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. Following his training in Germany and an “apprenticeship” with the esteemed C.V. Riley in Missouri, Professor Otto Lugger was appointed state entomologist of the Experiment Station and lecturer in Entomology in the School of Agriculture. He quickly developed a reputation for aiding farmers with practical solutions to insect problems and initiated a prolific publication record, including several annual State Reports, and many other articles valued by agriculturists.

Likewise, this fellowship recognizes the 50-year anniversary of Emeritus Professor Edward “Ted” Radcliffe, who first joined the department in 1963 as a Research Fellow and was soon promoted to Assistant Professor. Throughout an outstanding and highly productive career, Dr. Radcliffe developed a diverse array of novel approaches to potato and alfalfa Integrated Pest Management (IPM). He was renowned for his expertise in host plant resistance, biological control and aphid-vectored virus management – and most importantly his ability to integrate these tactics in multifaceted IPM programs that provided direct and substantial economic benefits to the farmers and crop consultants he served. He was promoted to Professor in 1976. In 1996, just as the first World Wide Web pages were launched, Ted conceived and carried out the idea to create the first on-line, open-access IPM Textbook. This effort subsequently resulted in >65 chapters, with most translated to Spanish. The textbook also received several awards for innovation, and rapid adoption among IPM Professors and students worldwide. In 2004, the textbook was featured inScience. This project ultimately led to an extensive 40-chapter, IPM text co-edited and published in 2009. Ted and his graduate student, Aziz Lagnaoui, were awarded Outstanding Paper of the Year honors by the American Journal of Potato Research in 1998; in 2002 the same journal awarded Ted, and graduate student A. Nasruddin, and colleagues Novy and Ragsdale the same honor. In 2002, Ted was also given the Meritorious Service Award by the National Potato Council for his work on aphid transmitted viruses in potatoes. During his career, Dr. Radcliffe was known as a talented and caring teacher who mentored 38 graduate students and several post-doctoral associates to become scientists who would contribute to liberal and scientific education, and engage the public.

TedBetty125This fellowship recognizes the history of two individuals who made tremendous contributions to the 125-year history of the Department of Entomology. In the years to come, the Lugger-Radcliffe Fellowship will not only honor the legacy of these outstanding entomologists, but will also encourage future graduate students to pursue innovative research, and develop intellectually as they master the discipline of entomology and graduate to enter rewarding careers.

Appeal for Building the Future & Additional Gifts

This gift and hopefully those of many alumni and friends of the department will also accelerate the growth of the endowment – our goal is to reach $250,000 by 2015, to achieve a full 9-month fellowship as soon as possible. This is an ambitious goal, but one that we believe can be met with your help. Please join us in this endeavor! If interested in partnering with us, please contact Steve Kells. Donors and others may make additional gifts to the Fund at any time. Additional gifts to the Fund will be reflected in the records of the Foundation; when donating at the UofM Foundation page for Entomology.

Again, as with all previous fellowships, additional gifts are needed to build each endowment, to eventually reach the full amount needed for 9- or 12-month fellowships. The most convenient way to provide additional gifts is via the secure, on-line UofM Entomology page.

If you have any questions, or prefer to make donations by mail, please contact our department directly (below); we look forward to talking about how to Build for the Future!

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