UMN Entomology Department 2019–2020 Achievements/Honors/Graduations

Faculty Promotion

Dr. Brian Aukema was promoted from Associate Professor to the rank of Professor

Fellowships Summer and Academic year 2020-2021


• Leifur Eiríksson Foundation Fellowship and American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship

Corrie Nyquist


• Fulbright-NSF Arctic Research Grant

Corrie Nyquist


• Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Ian Lane

Anh Tran

• Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship

Julia Brokaw

• DOVE Fellowship

Laura Fricke


• Charles H. Bell Avian Graduate Summer Fellowship (Bell Museum)

Ismael Ramirez

• CFANS Compact

Laura Fricke

• CFANS Diversity fellowship

Alyssa Gooding (in EEB Graduate Program with Entomology Advisor)

• MnDRIVE Global Food Ventures Graduate Student Professional Development Program

Hailey Shanovich (in NRSM Graduate program, Entomology GRA)


• Excellence in Entomology Fellowship

Emily Althoff

• Marion Brooks-Wallace Graduate Fellowship

Jake Whittman 

• Allan G. Peterson Fellowship

Cody Thorpe 

• Morris and Elaine Soffer Rockstein Fellowship

Rafael Aita 

• Lugger-Radcliffe Fellowship

Dominique Ebbenga 

Natural Resources Science and Management Graduate Program

• Graduate Fellowship

Grace Haynes (in NRSM Graduate Program, Entomology GRA)

MN Grape Growers Association

• Swenson Scholarship

Dominique Ebbenga



• NCB Award of Excellence in Integrated Pest Management   

Bill Hutchison


• President’s Student Leadership & Service Award  

Michelle Boone

• Mary A. McEvoy Award for Public Service and Leadership

Michelle Boone


College Assembly Awards

• CFANS Professional and Academic Award – Research Category

Aubree Kees

• Distinguished Diversity and Inclusion Award   

Christina Herron-Sweet

Borealis Awards

• Exemplary Post-Doc Award

Xinru Wang

• Graduate Student Leadership Award

Michelle Boone

Entomology Department

• Hodson Alumni Award

Robert Suranyi

Travel Award


• International Thesis Research Travel Grant

Maggie Shanahan


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