UMN Entomology Department 2019–2020 Achievements, Honors, & Graduations

Congratulations to UMN entomology undergraduates, graduates, staff and faculty for their selection for fellowships, awards, student competition prizes, and other honors and achievements, at UMN, nationally, and internationally!



NSF Graduate Fellowship

Michelle Boone
Maggie Shanahan

Pathfinder Fellowship Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.

Corrie Nyquist


Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Morgan Carr Markell
Eric Middleton

Interdisciplinary Center for Global Change (ICGC) Global Food Security Fellowship

Maggie Shanahan


Hueg Harrison
James Miksanek

MnDRIVE Global Food Ventures Graduate Student Professional Development Program

Eric Middleton
Anh Tran

CFANS Bell Museum Fellowships

Natural History Fellowship (Simons Fund)

Eric Middleton

Entomology Department

Excellence in Entomology

Ismael Ramirez Moreno

MGK Fellowship

Correy S. Hildebrand

Lugger-Radcliffe Fellowship

Obiratanea da S. Queiroz

Morris and Elaine Soffer-Rockstein Fellowship

Edwin Benkert

Marion Brooks-Wallace Fellowship

Ernesto Rázuri-Gonzales

Dr. Allan G. Peterson Fellowship

Correy S. Hildebrand



Fellow of the Entomological Society of America

David Andow

NCB Award of Excellence in Integrated Pest Management

Robert Koch

Grad 10-min Oral Presentation:

P-IE Section, Biocontrol, 1st Place

Eric Middleton

P-IE Section, Forest, 2nd Place

Dora Mwangola

P-IE Section, Field Crops 5, 1st Place

Dominique Ebbenga

P-IE Section, Pollinator 2, 1st Place

Michelle Boone

Undergraduate Poster:

P-IE Section, 1st Place, Izzy Bur


2019 Outstanding Community Service Award

Elaine Evans

2019 Mary A McEvoy Public Engagement and Leadership Award

Julia Brokaw

President’s Student Leadership and Service Award

Julia Brokaw

CFANS College Assembly Awards

Graduate Assistant Teaching Award

Anthony Auletta

Distinguished Academic Staff Award" (P/A category)

Eric Burkness

Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Staff Award in the Technical category

Christina Herron-Sweet

Distinguished Diversity and Inclusion Award

Dan Cariveau

Distinguished Extension/Outreach Award

Jeff Hahn

CFANS Borealis Night of Excellence Awards

Graduate Student Leadership Award

Anh Tran

Exemplary Graduate Student Organization Award


Exemplary Post-Doc Award

Erin Treiber

CFANS Bell Museum Awards

National History Award (Dayton Fund)

Julia Brokaw

Department Awards presented during Celebrate Entomology 2019

Hodson Graduate Alumni Award

Tim Kurtti

Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions to Entomology

Ann Fallon

Faculty Award for Mentorship in Entomology

Ralph Holzenthal

Department of Entomology Community Service Award

Jeff Hahn

Department of Entomology Service Award

Tammi Pekkala Matthews

Robert C. Hodson Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship

Izzy Burr
Damon Leach

State of Minnesota

2019 Minnesota Pollinator Hero Award: for outstanding pollinator conservation and advocacy

2019 Community Leadership Award: WCWD for excellence, sustainability, cooperation in community conservation practices

Laurie Schneider

Faculty Promotion

Dr. Stephen A. Kells was promoted from Associate Professor to the rank of Professor

International Faculty Honor

Dr. Karen Mesce was voted as President-elect of the International Society for Neuroethology (

Graduations 2018–2019


Dominique Ebbenga
Marie Hallinen
Correy Hildebrand
Ismael Ramirez Moreno
Patrick Pennarola
Obiratanea da Silva Queiroz
Hailey Shanovich
Jake Wittman
James Wolfin


Anthony Auletta
Katie Lee
Zach Marston 

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