Allie Gebauer - M.S. Student

Allie GebauerAdvisor

Brian Aukema


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Research Topic

Surveying Minnesota for parasitoids of larch casebearer – what natural enemies are present and what is the rate of parasitism? Did Agathis pumila, released in the 1960s, establish a population here?

Previous Education 

BA in Spanish, German and Global Studies at South Dakota State University

Why Insects?

Insects, in a way, have this alien quality to them that piques my curiosity and makes me crave a better understanding of them. Their tiny size and tremendous diversity have opened up many new worlds and perspectives to explore. Insects prompt me to ask questions, to seek answers, to appreciate systems large and small, and to share what I’ve learned with others.  

Why University of Minnesota?

I wanted to work with Brian Aukema, but the University of Minnesota is also close to friends and family in nearby states. The Twin Cities are an exciting hub for ideas and cultural activities. Minnesota also offers many different forests, bogs, lakes and prairies to explore. 


Coming from a different background, my chief aspiration is to become an entomologist and a scientist. That accomplished, I hope to find employment with an extension office or a state/federal agency where I can work outside and interact with the public. 

Favorite Insect

I’m very fond of cicadas and giant water bugs… treehoppers, leaf hoppers, ambush bugs… Hemipterans are really my soft spot, but there are so many beetles and hyms that I admire, too! 

Other Interests/Hobbies

I’m an avid (and improving) gardener. Since moving to Saint Paul, I’ve been involved at Merriam Station Community Garden and really enjoy helping with projects and getting to know folks there. I like to sketch, paint, photograph, travel, hike, read, collect succulents, learn more about geology, improve my botanical skills, play eurogames, and train with my dog. Soon I’ll be sewing and baking bread. I imagine I’ll be acquiring a few more hobbies along the way – kayaking and fishing are also high on the list!

Coffee or Tea?

Tea – it allows me to channel my inner Iroh. However, coffee does help me get the job done.