Sydney Glass - M.S. Student

Sydney GlassAdvisor

Christopher Philips


Snyder, TX

Research Topic

IPM pest management along with beneficial insect management in high tunnel vegetable crops.

Previous Education

B.S. 2014, Plant and Soil Science, Cropping Systems Management, Texas Tech University

A.A. 2012, Agriculture, Western Texas College

Why Insects?

I think insects are fascinating. There is so much that can be learned, and hopefully adapted from them. 

Why University of Minnesota?

U of Minn is one of the top schools for applied entomology. To be the best, you go where the best are. When I visited, the faculty was very friendly. But my favorite was how welcoming and friendly the other grad students were. That meant a lot to me.


I hope to be able to help farmers. I grew up on a farm and I remember some of the struggles my father had, so I want to be able to show farmers where they can find answers. I want to work with extension to show new techniques for pest management and help with pest control in field settings.

Favorite Insect


Other interests/hobbies

I love to dance, bake, and I want to join a roller derby team.

Coffee or tea?

If I’m out on the job, black coffee. If I am at home, hot tea with honey.